BitWarden security review?

Are there any episodes in which Steve reviews or discusses BitWarden or any other good review resources? With the forthcoming changes in LastPass’s Free Tier, it just has me thinking about alternatives. I don’t mind paying for software, but the idea of supporting an open source product versus an equity firm is appealing. I upgraded for a year since they were throwing a discount, but it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at alternatives so I figured this is a good time to at least look around.

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Everyone is talking about it in the topic below, other than that I’m not sure if there are any security now reviews.

Thanks. I saw that. Steve’s review and endorsement of LastPass is what sealed the deal for me when I first started using so I just wondered if Steve had done any similar security review of BitWarden, especially since it’s opensource.

Yeah I figured you probably saw it but figured I would throw it out there just incase. Hopefully someone else will come along with the info you were looking for.

I think I heard about it on Floss Weekly, but can’t find the episode, but I found this clip from Leo talking about it. Password Managers - YouTube

@ant_pruitt found the link; FLOSS 615: OBS.Ninja

Now that bitwarden is advertising on Security Now, I too would really like a security audit from Steve on the software.

Not sure if Steve needs to do that since there have been 2 other code reviews and a penetration test.

And they have a HackerOne bug bounty, HackerOne