Big Sur compatible Apps in M1 Macbook

Dear @Leo, look forward to in-depth reviews on Bog Sur on M1 in your own inimitable style with depth and hands-on insight. My requests are

  • Can you do a session on whether ALL the native MacOS apps work in Big Sur M1 natively- especially the slightly uncommon ones. For e.g. does MacOS Server work? I would love to run a MacOS Server on a Mac Mini , my old one is long in the tooth. And fyi, it does not run in Big Sur Intel
  • Can you also try the common developer IDE and frameworks and share your experiences?
    Neither of these are mainstream interests perhaps…but I am hoping it will tickle your interest…

Leo said that he’s going to be doing a Hands On Mac about the M1 Macs on TTG Saturday. But a good place to start is


You may have already seen, but Leo mentioned a list of application emulation modes that he’s started maintaining in the related HOT episode - Just posted: Hands-On Tech: Hands-on M1 Macbook Pro 13" - TWiT Shows - TWiT.Community

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I did. very timely. Thanks

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An excellent site for reference.