Best coffee at home?

Here’s a topic with room for lots of opinions.

What’s the best way to make coffee at home. In particular, espresso and cappuccino styles of coffee. I know some people swear by various things as the best, and of course there is a lot of room for personal tastes. Also, of course, you need to have a good quality coffee as a base.

I have a stovetop espresso pot but its screw on base is aluminum and I find it tastes off slightly, and I don’t find it produces much crema. I also have a AeroPress, but while it makes a nice “American coffee” it doesn’t make any real creama.

I have been considering the Philips 3200 LatteGo Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine but then a friend just sent this to me and it looks pretty neat (although you’re on your own for milk frothing.)

I have zero experience with the 9 Barista but I found this review interesting:

Personally I am very happy with my Aeropress and a dispatch coffee subscription, I like a good espresso every now and then but getting espresso right at home is a hassle I don’t think us worth it.

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For normal coffee, we use a Philips filter coffee machine with Dalmayr Prodomo coffee.

For espresso we have a grinder and a DeLonghi Dedica Style EC 685 and we use beans from our local Rösterei - either Ferdinands’ or Barosta, both made fresh in Osnabrück.

Depends how far you really want to go, it’s a deep rabbit hole I’m trying to not spend too much money on :laughing:

For me, I’ve got a decent Breville grinder and machine. It is a fiddly process just to get a single coffee, but I enjoy that too.

No matter how you make your coffee though, I think fresh beans and quality water make all the difference.

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And the beans have to match the water type. That is something I lernt when I visited friends in Italy.

I loved the coffee they were drinking at home and wanted to take some back with me.They talked me into another sort, because the water where I lived was much harder. I took a pack of what they used and several kilos of what they recommended.The one they dank tasted dreadful with the water at home, the one they recommended was excellent

That is why we stick to locally roasted beans now.

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Water treatment for use in coffee is yet another deep rabbit hole

We have hard water here as well, and by simply filtering it through a Brita filter jug before I fill up the machine really brings out much more flavour in the resulting coffee.


I have a simple system a french press, grinder and a scale. I use dark roasted coffee beans and drink about 1 to 2 liters of coffee day

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Glad you opened this discussion. Leo has a passion for good coffee. I can’t even begin to name all the things he has tried. I was amazed to learn on a recent show he revealed his latest is a return to roots. That right a “Percolator”. I think he remarked “at last real coffee”.
Percolator" has been own preference for over 25 years. You will have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

The default for many of my friends seems to be the Magnifica bean to cup machines. Ours has had continual use for years, never missed a beat.

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I can’t help with the cappuccino/espresso machines, but being the only coffee drinker in my house, and since I really only drink 1 cup a day, I stick with Keurig. I know they have a machine that does the fancy stuff, but I can’t speak for it.

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I love you and hate you @ScruffyDan… I spent my entire night watching his videos about coffee!! :wink:


I should have put a disclaimer on that video.

WARNING: Highly addictive coffee video. Please make sure you have several hours available to view all the videos on the channel.


Not sure what this says about my tastes, but while fetching a few groceries the other day I found a box of Keurig pods that are “Festive Flavours” (Candy Cane, Cinnamon, Gingerbread) and I’m not gonna pretend like I’m not enjoying them. I was worried they’d be too strong (especially the candy cane, mint can really get over done) but they’re very nice and subtle and I am quite enjoying one a day as I try to build some enthusiasm for pandemic holiday season.

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I love French press Peets Big Bang. made strong with real half & half, just enough to make it dark tan in hue…mmmmmm

The 9Barista you linked looks almost exactly like a french press. Makes sense since you can make espresso without a fancy espresso machine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure why yours does not work well PHolder, it only requires boiling water and pressure. I’ve also seen from experience that you may see a difference changing the steel filter or making sure the filter cap is tightly secured.

I use an AeroPress at home with Starbucks (or equivalent coffee/espresso beans) and I use a bean grinder to ensure fresh beans. This works for a cup or two in the morning. AeroPress - Official Store, Replacement Parts And Recipes

For anyone who has no idea how to make an espresso by hand: How to Make Espresso Without an Espresso Machine (

I am surprised we haven’t heard from the Starbucks crowd! Only time I ever went in one, they acted like I was from outer space. Just because I wanted a basic black coffee. (NEVER went back. that was about 2002)

I frequent Starbucks in the morning or afternoon at times and that is likely where I’ll see the business/high tech crowd (my own crowd).

I remember visiting the same Starbucks in town since 1999. There are certainly more locations and kiosks in the airport and shopping malls as well as a location in every corner of the city but nothing at Starbucks has changed, not even the decor.

During the day, all you see are the pre-teen and teenager crowd hanging around in groups and college students taking the large table spaces. On the weekends, families and younger kids are usually seen frequently, although not at once.

I can’t speak to what you ordered or would have received but it is much simpler on the menu to pick a brew and a size. Mind you, if you don’t know the sizes, you will be embarrassed and put on the spot. If you know someone there or become an employee, there is a 50% discount applied by the local manager, no coupons required.

The syrup based drinks are actually much better than your local Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts since they no longer use artificial flavouring and dry mixes.

Normally high quality (non-watered down) beans are produced by smaller coffee brands. The only place around here that sells their own coffee beans is Starbucks or Bridgehead. Ironic since Starbucks is a major chain as well. Bridgehead is still not favourable to me especially since they sell this type of watered down coffee in vending machines at offices.

Now I could just buy a simple store brand but the caffeine content is rather lacking. The price is good, too good and not the point, I had a good connection at Starbucks for almost anything and then I figured out how to get the wholesale price on Amazon and some of the local grocery chains.

I’ve also figured out how to use Starbucks rewards and how to collect enough points for free coffee or treats. Once you figure that out the value proposition far exceeds any coffee chain I’ve ever been to or seen.

I’m quite happy and this is about the only time I spew out my opinion about a brand because the gospel wheel is quite big at times.


Very informative! I can see that a visit to SB is a different experience than I want in that morning eyeopener.
It is hard for me to justify $3 to $5 against my per cup .0263.

Starbucks doesn’t seem to have taken off over here. Overly expensive and all those syrups etc. make it a hard sell.

There are so many cafes that sell good quality coffee at cheap prices and good roasters that make there own coffee on site and all charge a fraction of what Starbucks charge.

It is also harder, from what I’ve seen to get a Dupio or similar cup of coffee. It seems to be more long drinks. It just doesn’t really pass too the European coffee culture.

Another thing I would like to discuss is the water you prefer. The taste and purity of water has always been overlooked by yours truly. Pending your input I am about to ditch the municipal delivered tap stuff. My last residence had a under sink reverse osmosis system that I really miss. I now live with my daughter and her family and they cant see the need. (even thought I would pay for it) But thats a whole different story. I get grocery delivery’s from Walmart, and plan to start buying the best available water from them. I wil stay away from “Drinking Water” because the last said it came from a municipal water system. WTF!!!