Beginners Guide?

Where’s a good place to start? I’ve recently (within the last 3 hours) decided Mac is no longer the future. Is there a good getting started guide?

Ummm? Good guide to what, exactly? I presume, since you’ve put it in FLOSS Weekly, you’re thinking Linux? If you’re running from Mac, which while niche, is still pretty mainstream from a user acceptance and hardware compatibility perspective, I think maybe you’d be best off trying Ubuntu first. You’re going to need a PC on which you can install it. I have no experience with Macs, and while I do know that MacOS runs on a Unix derivative (BSD Unix I believe) I don’t know if your Mac will willingly accept Linux. There’s this article: How to install & set up Linux on a Mac | Macworld
And more info on Ubuntu can be found here:


We’re all eternal beginners with Linux.

If you’ve got an old PC lying around, wipe off Windows and install the Gnome flavor of Manjaro Linux. It’s dead simple, robust, and powerful. There’s a learning curve but it’s not insurmountable. And once you dive in, Linux and open-source is amazing!

No need to put Linux on a Mac, just start playing in the Terminal. Download iTerm2 and install homebrew. A world of open-source, command-line apps awaits.


We’re all eternal beginners with Linux.

This. :laughing:

Going back to the topic, you could also try ElementaryOS, but Ubuntu and Manjaro are already solid options, so you could try those first.

Is PopOS still good?

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Amen. Aaaaaaaaaaaamen.

Start out on the lowest volume and go to sleep at night. 8 hours later, you’ll be caught up. Or do this awake. Results may vary. But the video is quite useful and well tagged.

Have fun and come back if there are questions! :slight_smile:

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Indeed, it is. Have been using it until around October, then went over to Fedora. Both are strong while Pop seems slightly more robust and faster.

Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ll definitely dust off an old PC and give a few of these a try!