Beginner Audiophile

I’m curious about the current opinion on Grado Headphones. They were a good pick from Patrick Norton when it comes to beginner audiophile gear. Is this still the case? Are they overrated?

Got an Audioquest DragonFly for a USB DAC. Might think about switching it out for another DAC for Linux Support on high resolution.

I’ve never heard of them. Heise uses the Beyer Dynamics as the reference for testing headphones.

The problem with audio is that everyone has a different brain and thus hears the same hardware in a somewhat different way. Accordingly what you like is a very personal choice. I’ve heard the Sony MDR-7506 headphones are noted for being extremely neutral. They’re not that expensive, so unless you have to spend money, I’d start with them with your Dragonfly… You can always move on and up to more expensive headphones and/or amplifiers when you find something you don’t like with what you had. I also heard the planars from Monoprice are supposed to be pretty good if you have a good amplifier.

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