Azure/Entra ID AD

Anyone know best place to learn about Azure/Entra ID Active Directory?

I haven’t looked, but I’d be surprised if TWiT sponsor, IT Pro TV doesn’t have a course on it.

I though Microsoft was “delisting” Active Directory in favour of other technology? I know that Richard on Windows Weekly has been saying how he is getting rid of AD.

He is getting rid of it at home. He is no longer going to the expense of running an on premises domain in his private house network, especially, he is getting rid of an on-premises Exchange Server.

AD is still there, especially for on-premises domains.

Microsoft’s inhouse training is actually pretty good too, check it out here - Training | Microsoft Learn

I’m a big “learn by doing” person, and Microsoft offers some of their services at no cost if you’re just playing around with negligible resources. Make an account and see what they let you mess around with for free.


That’s right - made no sense to continue with AD at home.

But I have also had discussions on RunAs about getting rid of on-prem AD at the office - Moving Away from Active Directory with Travis Roberts - RunAsRadio



That sounds interesting, I’ll give it a listen.

We are currently M365, but without Azure AD, we have on-prem only. M365 is just for licenses and native Office, everything else is deactivated at the moment, apart from Teams for some staff as a result of lockdown. But we work in an industry where most stuff has to remain on-prem and the directors are against storing any information in the cloud.

We’ve just completely moved into the cloud in my organisation. So the reason for my interest in azure etc