Audacity Debacle

Not sure if the news about Audacity has reached your ears. This is a YUGE STORY in the FOSS world. If you need a good recco for a guest that could talk about this topic, I would recco getting Jason Evangelho . He has some XP as someone who transitioned to Linux and has a side interest in music.

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Yes, Muse seems to be jumping from one landmine to the next at the moment, with Audacity.

From telemetry to now collecting user data and under 13s can’t use it without parental permission, they really seem to be completely tone-deaf about what open source really is.

Whilst some of their future plans for Audacity have merit, they seem to want to kill Audacity, and what makes it great, in the process. I think it could very well die as a product and a fork of the pre-Muse code will be taken and a new application will have to rise out of its ashes.

It is a shame, they need a custodian who is willing to bring it forward and invest in making a great product even better. But Muse seems to be the wrong custodian.

Just like Red Hat was the wrong custodian for CentOS (who saw that coming?) and now we have Rocky and a few others going forward, I can see something similar happening here, with Audactiy.

We’ve recommended Audacity for more than a decade, despite it being a buggy mess. Obviously I won’t do that any more. The question is, what should I recommend from now on?

On Linux it’s easy - there are many good open source programs. Not sure what to recommend elsewhere.

Ocenaudio looks good. Not open source, alas, but free and cross-platform.

Jim Salter over at Ars Technica seems to think this is an over-reaction, given that the telemetry data is opt-out, similar to the way Mozilla deals with telemetry data in Firefox. No, open source Audacity audio editor is not “spyware” | Ars Technica

The bigger issue is that a Corporation did not give consideration for the Open Source community when acquiring Audacity. Hopefully, there may be a fork coming.

Also the arbitrary line in the policy saying it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to use Audacity is ridiculous (obvi problem for Schools/Education).

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Hopefully within the next few weeks, there will be a viable fork of Audacity. By the Power of Open Source!!!

Already forked…

That escalated quickly…