Amazon first oven

Having fun with my Amazon first oven.
Can you do another quick review showing how to use the temp. Probe. Mainly how to insert the probe without getting burned. Also, what is the difference between preheating the over and then putting your food in and Just usI got an external timer. I am thinking the only difference is that the oven will automatically stop. Other than that I see no difference.
Also, what’s the difference between Air frying and convection cooking? I cooked vegetables and sweet potatoes both ways and these turn out great either way. And pretty similar.
I find that Alexa is pretty dumb. I try and try to give her commands and 50-75% of the time she can’t understand me. The only real thing I can do is have Alexa reheat 1 cup of Coffee. This is my first experience with Alexa. Used google Assistant for years. I think google is much better. The oven pat of all this I do like though.

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