Alternatives to YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer)?

Do you have some personal recommendations?

Ever since I started distrohopping through different Linux distributions, I’ve been using YUMI to organize all of my favorite distros and tools into a single USB Flash drive.

However, I’m starting to notice there are some distros that does not work after using the said program. Sometimes it boots up, but it gives out error messages. Sometimes it does not boot at all.

For those who are curious, these are the following distros/installers that I’m planning to put inside a single USB using YUMI:

  • Windows 10 (In case a relative or friend needs to install one on their PC)
  • Debian Live
  • GParted
  • Pop!_OS

I’m currently currently looking for alternatives as of this post. Hopefully I could find one that is reliable.

Never tried it, so all I have to offer is:

This one seems promising?


Thanks! I just downloaded MultiBootUSB. It looks like it does not support Windows, but at least I can still put all of my Linux images on a single USB.


If you are up for the challenge, you can install grub on a flash drive.


Hello. It’s me again.

Thanks for mentioning the Grub2 method. I’ll try to use it as a last resort.

As for MultiBootUSB, unfortunately it gives me the same result. Only the first installed distro is working. Not sure if there is something wrong with the installation sequence, or my USB Flash drive is having problems.

Anyway, I found this site and looks like it is using a different approach in installing multiple ISOs, including Windows.

I just slap the ISOs on my NAS and spin the distros up in a VM these days.


I can sympathies with @Kernel_Panic because I used YUMI to have a bunch of diag and install ISOs on a flash drive while doing tech support. I didn’t have to worry about carrying around 15 flash drives. Especially with so many diag ISOs being under 500MB. It made things sooooo much easier.

My team even modified a Windows install ISO to have a massive drivers archive and run some run once installs after automatically wiping the drive and installing windows with all major setting changes. We couldn’t get it onto a DVD after that, but a full install on almost all hardware would take 45 minutes and even the base programs were ready.