Ahh Adobe How I Loathe Thee

I’ve had access to Adobe’s apps for that past year as in a moment of weakness I took the large introductory discount they were offering. Renewal was due in a few days and they of course were going to double the price. I cancelled the account and during the process they offered me the same low price again for the next year. I can’t stand these type of tactics, offer me a good price up front, don’t scramble to say I’m sorry here’s something better. Seriously subscription models are the bane of the modern era of computing.

I’m going to try to use Davinci and Gimp for my needs.


Not sure I agree with that. I do think these ridiculous sales tactics are slimy and unnecessary though.

I find the subscription model to be a better option for some software. I like being able to use high end software for a brief period of time without having to plunk down $800+. I’d also like to think the continuing revenue from hardcore users acts as an incentive for continued development from the software vendor.

I think it’s fine for it to be an option, but I dislike it being the ONLY option. I should be able to buy a perpetual copy at a reasonable price if I know I will be happy staying on an old version indefinitely.

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Seems obvious subscription models have greatly reduced piracy

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For a second I read that as “reduced privacy” which is also true.

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Ha, ha, that’s what I read on first pass as well, did a double take and read it again. :rofl: