Adobe Acrobat Digital Signature

I have been using the digital signature feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.16 on Windows 10 Pro 19042. Suddenly today when go through the motions, oddly the signature does not appear on the document. The PDF source is coming from the same website generated form just as it has been. I tried deleting and recreating my digital signature but still no dice. Honestly if there was an alternative to Adobe for creating digital signatures that did not require a subscription but rather a pay as you go, I would be perfectly content. I typically do 20 to 25 signatures per year.

If you don’t mind using a hosted service, you can sign PDFs for free on Adobe’s site here - Sign PDFs online for free | PDF filler | Adobe Acrobat (United States)

But I’m also interested in a non-Adobe solution, if anyone uses something else that doesn’t charge enterprise-level fees.

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