About Lou Maresca

Lou is an expert engineer, software architect, and a polyglot programmer who has been developing enterprise and consumer software for over two decades. As a professional electrical engineer and software engineer, Lou has gained his experience from a diverse set of global companies from the Intel Corporation, Dana Corporation, Anheuser-Busch, Thomson Reuters all the way to the Microsoft Corporation. Lou is an expert in cloud services and client platform software architecture and development where he has numerous patents and global awards for his work in the field.

Over the years Lou has worked in a diverse set of roles from a director of sales role for mobile carriers, a leadership role in professional electronic repair, systems control engineer in a brewery, electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry to his current role for almost two decades as a software engineer and architect at the Microsoft Corporation. Lou has worked in numerous groups and divisions from the C+E Group (Azure), Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP, to the Office Group where he now focuses on having Office be a developer platform for millions of developers worldwide.

Lou has become well known in the public speaking circuit where he regularly speaks at worldwide technology conferences such as Teched, Ignite, Build, Convergence, CES, Linux Foundation Conferences and events as well as local user groups and meetings. He has also become an expert in business development and startup culture.

In 2012 Lou debuted on “This Week and Enterprise Tech” (TWiET) as a guest which grew into a recurring co-host role on the show. He has also had several appearances on “Padre’s Corner”. In 2014 Lou helped introduce TWiT’s “Coding 101” show to the public as a co-host and an expert in programming languages and a mentor for becoming a professional developer.

Sneakers is Lou’s favorite movie and he is not swayed by the fact they were able to beat voice-based biometrics with a tape recorder.