AAA 606: Affordable a-Foldable

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@ronxo raised an interesting point on Wear OS. It has always been a different approach to the Apple Watch. You don’t get mini versions of email, messaging etc. apps on Wear OS as you do on WatchOS.

Wear OS is notification driven. You get a notification you have an email, you can then read it, dismiss, send some canned replies, type a reply, delete, archive. But it would be great if they could add some more triage options such as move and flag.

Also, different email apps on Android have different capabilities on Wear OS. I use Samsung’s mail app, but the Wear OS notification functionality is pretty limited. So I have Gmail notifications enabled so I can triage stuff. You can mix and match.

But I don’t think Google intend that you have a watch email app.

Same with Messages, WhatsApp etc.