AAA 520: The Not-So-Smart Watch

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!

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Amazing show AAA crew! I hope Joshua Vergara an Ant Pruitt come out with a mediation session both of their voices would be perfect for it.

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Myriam Joire had a rant about the negative reviews [ThreadReader] but I have a hard time blaming reviewers who were given incomplete products and expected them to wait for last minute apks to test things to get reviews ready.

Yes the watch could get better with updates, but if it wasn’t ready then it wasn’t ready. At that point they could have delayed but they chose to push out beta software.

And yes - I bet Carl Pei leaving did affect the decision making here. In fact I’d watch for something similar with future OnePlus releases.

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