AAA 605: 32-bit Your Pixel 7

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That new feature in the Google Play Store is pretty neat, it helped me out a couple of days ago.

My mobile provider app crashed a couple of times when I tried to open it. Dialog popped up saying it might help to clear the app cache, did I want to?

Said yes, app then worked fine. Saves me from delving into settings to do the same.

Hard to understand the team’s resistance to Amazon Photos. You install an app, grant it access to photos/videos, and turn on auto-upload. That’s it.

I actually use it in a different way. My completed pics are in a directory structure that’s backed up to a number of places. I use the Windows Amazon Photos app to schedule backups from my photo folders to Amazon Photos.

Also makes all my pics available on any Amazon devices in the house for screen savers and digital picture frames.