AAA 590: Google Talks RCS and Apple

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I found the same as Paul (EOTW). Glass screen protectors on Samsung phones don’t work well with the fingerprint reader. Even if you turn up the sensitivity, and scan your fingerprint before and after you fit it as they suggest, it still only works 50% of the time.

I tried a number of TPU ones which worked well but quickly lifted at the edges, especially on hot days.

I ended up fitting the Samsung one…and so far it’s been great. Easy to apply, fingerprint works, been fitted for 2 months now and hasn’t lifted.

Galaxy S22 Screen Protector Mobile Accessories - EF-US901CTEGUS | Samsung US

Why don’t Google just use a modern, cross-platform solution?

In fact, why don’t people just use Signal, Telegram, Threema & co. in the US?

I have both Apple and Android users that I communicate with, we all use Signal or Threema. Even when we are all Apple users, we still use Signal, I think only my cousin in the UK communicates with me using iMessage and nobody I know uses SMS.

I was one of the first people to ever use GoogleTalk on a desktop PC when it first debuted… must have been around 2005 or so? I got my small cadre of friends and coworkers to use it too, and I stuck with it to the bitter end, switching to Pidgin as my user interface as Google kept killing and cancelling all other incarnations.

When Google finally actually made my desktop configuration stop working for me a few weeks back, I had had enough. The few people that still matter enough to stay in touch daily, I talked into switching to Signal (I had been using it on my phone for some years, but not on the desktop.) When I first tried the Signal desktop client it was just a remote control for the phone and it was bad, and bad for my phone’s battery. Now they have switched the design to basically use group message and it’s working much better, and I am happy. I really do hope to never have to switch again to something “new”.


I think it’s the SMS/MMS/RCS ‘out of the box’ bit Google is trying to push.

AFAIK Apple lockdown SMS/MMS to their Messages app only. So there is no 3rd-party solution that integrates those into other messaging apps, and no RCS support at all.

But agreed, only seems to be an issue in the US. We have lots of family Whatsapp groups, but if I want a response from US relatives I have to grab my wife’s iPhone and use Messages.

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