AAA 539: Android v. Capitalism

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What I find confusing is, Epic’s main reason for skipping the Play Store is that game developers don’t get paid enough by Google. So then, now that Google decides to compensate game developers on Play Store better, suddenly they’re upset and it’s anti-competitive? To me they’re just upset that Google didn’t cut a secret exclusive deal with them like Samsung did and decided to help all developers instead of just them…

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To be honest I’m not sure why the Google angle of this story is as compelling as the Apple angle since there’s no way for alternative app stores on iPhones and they don’t even properly support PWAs. But I guess the document dump leads the news. I don’t agree with Google’s tactics and cut with the Play Store, but Apple’s cartel is way more egregious.

I was sad to hear about the 5a overheating since I wanted it to be my next phone. I hope this is something that might be fixable in an update.