AAA 467: Going Deep on the LG V60 ThinQ

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I’m with @ronxo on not liking in ear buds very much, even though I’ve not experienced anything like his airplane ordeal. I’ve tried many different brands and styles, but I can’t wear any of them for very long without some discomfort.

From early reports on the Pixel Buds, they don’t go into the ear canal, just press up against it, with the “wings” on the opposite side locking in to the outer part of your ear. I have some older wired Bose headphones that do this and I like them a lot. They don’t isolate as much, but they are way more comfortable to me.

This is close to what my Bose headphones look like:


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I used to LOVE my Bose in-ear headphones that used that approach.

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My Pixel Buds just arrived today, and I am quite happy about the fit. They do not need to go very deep at all into the ear canal. Just insert lightly with a slight clockwise twist to get the wing engaged and you’re good. I’ve only worn them for a short time now, but they seem pretty comfortable, and sound decent. They are definitely smaller in person than they appear in photos.