8 GB Raspberry Pi

Wondering if anyone has had some hands on time with this yet, I have mine on order. I am planning to switch out a Mac Mini on one of my workstations to give this a go. Primarily running Ham Radio apps but some Google Office type stuff too.

Take careful consideration of the operating system, if you do buy this one.

Thanks for the reminder. I will probably use Ubuntu. I also need to figure out how to handle mass storage because I don’t want to run it all off the MicroSD card. I know you can set that up, just haven’t played with it yet.

The Verge article misses an important point, 32 bit Raspberry Pi OS can use all 8G it’s just that each process can only access 3G.

Our default operating system image uses a 32-bit LPAE kernel and a 32-bit userland. This allows multiple processes to share all 8GB of memory, subject to the restriction that no single process can use more than 3GB. For most users this isn’t a serious restriction, particularly since every tab in Chromium gets its own process. Sticking with a 32-bit userland has the benefit that the same image will run on every board from a 2011-era alpha board to today’s shiny new 8GB product.


Correct, only because of the kernel that is being used.

One point that is often forgotten is that server applications do not always spawn multiple processes in the background so depending on your use case, you may need a 64-bit distribution.


I think I’ve found the guts to my new Bartop arcade ! that thing looks cool!