Zig is faster then Rust?

For the first time, I heard there is a programming language called Zig. Surprisingly, it performs almost twice as fast as rust. Has anyone ever used it, and can you explain its weaknesses?

I despise click-bait-y content like this. You don’t get to declare a winner of all time based on a single “battle”. Zig is unused by anyone serious and is mostly a toy. They happen to have a few zealots that wrote some specific code that was optimized (probably by the same people who make the compiler) and then you have that ex Microsoft idiot stroking his ego by declaring a “winner” from a bogus contest.

For the record, there is NO best all around language. Different languages (and styles of languages even, such as functional versus procedural versus object oriented) exist because they target different problems with more or less ease.

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Thank you very much for your insight! I have been using C all my life and currently considering using Rust to overcome the weakness of C. I intended to get some sense about Zig from this forum. Guess what? Shall I ever ask this “Tech Talk” again? By the way, that “ex-Microsoft idiot” has 347K+ subscribers and counting.

Sure, there’s no account for taste. It’s not that he’s not technically savvy, it’s just that many of his vids feel very click-baity and feels like he is an attention hog (for lack of using the more vulgar word.)

Rust is pretty clever, but not very readable in my opinion. If you want something that has been around a long time, and is better than C, I might suggest you try D-Lang. Its problem is that it is still pretty niche… and so not as many libraries exist for it, but it might be sufficient for your needs, depending on what they are.