WW 820: Mustard Can Solve Any Problem

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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Everything AI may see everything having AI, but some former AI stars are having off days. We use Alexa around the house to control lights and TVs and other stuff. Alexa started to give follow up comments a couple of weeks ago, however this week its follow ups have been in FRENCH! - We are in the UK, worse still she talks like a real French person - a speed demon mumble, you can almost smell the galouise hanging from its lip :grin:

Listening in the car, talking of China and AI, any student in Chinese HS doing coding must do a12 month period of AI development and customisation.

You say China can’t innovate-what is the most downloaded mobile app???

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How do I turn on the French Alexa. Or should I say Aléxa? Très sexy!

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You would normally do it by asking it to change the language used from the Alexa settings, but this has just been random with no changing from us!!

I’ve been switching between the segment with the AKG P2 mic and the rest of the show on the Heil, and I’m going to disagree with the engineers: I consistently prefer the AKG. To me, it makes the upper mid-range of Leo’s voice warmer and more resonant, whereas the Heil sounds a little more nasal in that range. I’m not remotely interested in which one is more accurate, just which produces a more pleasing sound. As I’m a few years older than Leo my hearing is probably limited by age-related frequency drop-off, but I don’t care - I know what I like! :wink:

Would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison in the Radio Corner like Leo did previously with that other mic.

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Zappa always recommended the Telefunken u47 :grin:

What a range of emotion in that show! I think it was one of my favorites :slight_smile:

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I bought two AKG P2s for my traveling kit. But my engineers all seemed to agree they preferred the Heil. Given that the AKGs are 1/3rd the price, they’re pretty darn good.