WW 681: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

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Hey @MaryJo , you can seek 2004 without installing. The message saying you are not getting it will change to a “download and install now” button if it’s available. If you don’t click it, you won’t get the update. So seek away and keep us updated on your Surface Laptop 3. Thanks!

Interesting news today, SoftBank has been pushing ARM to raise its licensing prices, because its (SBs) other investments are losing too much money (Uber, WeWork etc.). So that could mean rising CPU and SoC costs for ARM based kit going forward, making them even less favourable, compared to Intel.


yep. as of today, july 16, still seeing the same nonclickable message. thanks

@Leo, RE: the having music or even saved audio on your device vs. Pulling it downstream. I live about 30 minutes Southwest of Bloomington, In in a rural community. Where my house sits I have anywhere from no signal to two bars on T-Mobile my carrier. When I have signal everything works wonderful as you’d expect but when it doesn’t I have to rely on what I have on my devices. So I of course keep hard copies of music and videos on my Macbook and HP Laptop, but on my Iphone I have three albums I purchased from iTunes that I keep downloaded on the phone this is so I can listen to them as I’m working around the house. I do realize this an odd use case but I just wanted to give my input on that. It’s all the same reason I do not use a thin client when I work from home. I insisted on having the software actually installed on my laptop so that I could launch it every time I needed to for work.

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Funny that Leo mentioned his own push to thin clients; I had tuned into WW having just gotten off a webinar sponsored by Nvidia showcasing DNEG’s (visual FX firm responsible for major pictures like Inception, Ex-Machina, etc) transition of their visual FX artists to VMware virtual machines running Nvidia hardware. They replaced traditional workstations with thin clients and haven’t looked back. That’s the most difficult workload I can think of to be virtualized and they’ve been able to do it.

Also, my friends all give me crap but Halo: ODST was my favorite of the entire series. The soundtrack was absolutely stellar, and the whole game was so atmospheric. I only wish it was longer.