Windows 11 rollout begins (or not, depending)

Here’s my 4th gen Intel this morning… no surprises here, other than apparently using a picture of text (that looks ugly):

This is of course just an ad. There is NOTHING I can do to a 4th gen PC, based on their rules, except create more e-waste and buy new (which is never happening.)


If you click the X to close it, don’t expect it to go to far :wink: MS has a passive-aggressive need to advertise to you, so it just slides over:

One weirdness is my 4770K shows the message, but my 4790K does not. The two CPUs were released like 6 months apart. I wonder if maybe something Microsoft sells in the surface line has a 4790K in it so they have to “support” it… or this is just buggy MS detection code.

Just dodgy detection, everything older than 8000 series is not supported (with the exception of a limited number of 7000 models).

My Ryzen 1700 is already upgraded, to openSUSE. Not sure what I’ll do with the Skylake HP Spectre X360, my wife uses it for her timesheet, so I’ll probably just leave it on Windows 10 for now.

If you want to “block” Windows 11, you can do it with Group Policies (which are in Windows Pro and can be enabled on Home, with some effort.) Note this will lock you onto the version of Windows you enter, so you need to remember to update this later when a newer version of Windows 10 (say 21H2) becomes available. Run GPEDIT.MSC with elevation. Run the command GPUPDATE from an elevated CMD window to make sure your updates apply right away.

Yikes. Intel did say that the 4th gen may not be supported in Windows 11. Not great because this is what happened in previous iterations and angered many users.

My Sandy Bridge machine even though it is quite dated is not showing this error message. Very lucky to be able to keep this machine for now. It will be much different when I finally move permanently to Japan and then play the compatibility game once again.

I have a Mini PC (I think I “reviewed” it here one time) that is running a AMD 2400G which appears to be 2nd gen Ryzen but is actually first gen and not supported :confused: The mobo on it could take a 3400G, but they are hard to find and very expensive now that the 5600G and 5700G are available (but unsupported by the mobo.)

Edit: This is the “review” of the one I built with a 3400G (I built two within months of each other.) A review, of sorts, of the Asrock DeskMini A300

I upgraded my PC today. Other than UI changes that I may or may not like, seems to be the same.

However, it looks like I have a Mac now…