Vanity email domain extension

Leo had mentioned before about an ideal way to manage email with a vanity domain. Any thoughts on what is the best extension to use for a domain for the purpose of email? Most interesting .com domains are consumed. .email might be interesting. Any thoughts on great choices or what might be best? Thanks.

I got a .de and .com for my grand-daughter at the weekend! Finding one for my general domain usage was harder…

I have a couple of .com and .de (German) domains that I created over the years. If you aren’t a business, .net is probably a good start. They allow you to move forward and use it for other things as well. With .email, you are a little more limited, if you want to expand, for example adding a blog or something in the future.

I use .email but I have to say there are still sites that don’t consider it a legitimate TLD. For maximum compatibility it’s probably good to go with .com or .net if you can find a domain you like.

Agreed. I have a .xyz extension and several national chains even tech retailers (Best Buy) will not accept that as a valid email. So I use my .com address for most things now.

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Why do we put up with such sh*tty service? We should email these retailers from our “non-standard” email addresses and demand they fix their sh*tty code.


Personal preference I guess, but I have a .me TLD

I like using country code TLDs, I used a .us for my company for a time. But as others said, the traditional .com, .org and .net are the safest bets.

I’m with @PHolder, these fools need to get with the program!

@Leo, @PhilAdcock Thanks for the tip!

I’ve been wanting a vanity email to give to my kids (so they don’t end up with every free one like I did) and move myself off the google teet. Unfortunately aren’t available, but I think .us might be which may be an easier sell to the wife anyways than .email.

You may try to adding common words to a .com or .net domain so instead of last you may have Just a thought to mull over before you buy one you may not end up keeping :slight_smile:


I was lucky, the first name-last name of my granddaughter was available, so she has a domain for her.

I ended up using a combination of German and English to get a short domain name for me, it isn’t 100% recognisable in German, but close enough to be memorable. It will be my private cloud services, so it is named after “Wolke” or cloud, in part.

I finally decided on a .us extension. I couldn’t find any .com domains for any of the compound word combinations that I had interest. My current email address is a comcast address. Probably going to be switching my internet connection from comcast to fios at some time in the near future. I’ve heard that comcast email addresses live on after canceling service with comcast as long as email is checked at least once every 90 days. Can anyone verify if this is indeed true? Thanks.

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Glad you found a .Us address you liked. I have two a .com and a .xyz domain. The .xyz is for my interest, the .com is a lastname plus a few letters.

I have a couple of and domains. Do you guys use your name as the domain name, or does it not matter? I mean that, even though I use first initial then my last name as my email address, I don’t have my name as the domain because I couldn’t get it,,, are all gone… didn’t think it mattered at the time

I think all the matters is that it’s recognizable as you to people you need it to be recognizable to, and that it’s memorable to those who don’t yet know you enough for it to be recognizable.

I couldn’t get my last name Adcock as a dot com. So I settled for I’m a burn survivor and also have These are both one in the same site, but I have email set up using both names and rules that correspond to how I’m addressed in the email.

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I’m lucky. I’ve had my main vanity domain now for 20 years. Was originally a graduation present from a friend from college. My second one was when I got engaged that I got myself.

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maguswine, I might be using the term vanity somewhat incorrectly. The domain that I finally chose was a compound word that did not comprise any parts of my real name. I will probably use my first name in the email address. Like

@PhilAdcock My last name is Dunlap, but that was taken as well. My choice ended up being kind of fun or a little whimsical. My domain is I will probably just put my first name at the front of it.

I’m a nurse anesthetist. I’ve seen firsthand the pain that burn patients endure. Your support of burn patients is inspiring. Thanks.

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Thank you. @Legendary here in the state of Indiana we have a pretty good sized network of Burn Survivors and nurses/fire fighters/people who care. Who all stay in touch through out the year. This year has been different with the pandemic as our annual summer camp had to be virtual instead of in person. But we still network through Zoom calls and facebook. Being a burn survivor myself love the second family that found me.