TWIT 930: Can You Smell What Tim is Cooking?

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Just wanted to say that tracking your SO’s phone is very different to tracking your SO!

I am starting to believe that the idea of a ‘killer app’ does not work with respect to AR. The “killer app” for a car is being able to drive wherever you want - not necessarily the ability to go to a specific destination. The “killer app” for glasses is being able to see better than you could without them. I think the “killer app” for any sort of AR glasses is going to be enhancing what you see normally and making your day-to-day life better.

When I play first-person-oriented games - the things I tend to see (compass indicator, thumbnail map of area, etc) are some of the same things I might want in AR glasses if I’m wearing them casually. Maybe an indicator if I have text messages. Maybe something that provides contextual information of something I’m looking if I look at it for a certain length of time. But in general - something that enhances or improves my general day-to-day experience.

@thurrott has a great phrase - optimized for the everyday. I interpret that to mean something that makes the things I do everyday better or easier. This is what any AR device has to do well.

That - and be affordable enough for a typically person on the median US household salary to be able to purchase.


I think the killer app could be the intelligent window on the world, but I would rather hold my phone up when I need to see it than look like Jeff Goldblum in the 90s