TWIT 923: Intelligence Explosion

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Why did Musk set up an AI company?

  • He’s greedy and wants part of the AI market
  • He wants to run twitter with it
  • Tesla can’t figure out how to actually build the Cyber Truck and need help
  • AI has pushed him out of the spotlight and he can’t function in the dark

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There was discussion about prompts for image generators, here is the way I teach it.

Go outdoors with your phone and take a picture, if possible print it, doesn’t have to be colour but it helps.

Then write on a sheet of paper a 1 sentence, a 2 sentence and a 3 sentence description.

I use NightCafe studio as it has several different models. Enter your descriptions one after the other as 3 separate images and compare the differences, examine what it makes important.

Try different generators with NightCafe to see different models reaction to your prompt

Consider joining NightCafe community as they have daily contests to help hone your skills

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Final reply, honest, RIP dead tree mags in the US, the highlight of my writing career was getting a piece published in Byte and then being commissioned to write a more detailed follow up article.

I miss Byte :unamused:


Had not heard of nightcafe. But then again, I haven’t been looking for prompt tools and community. :laughing:

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The discussion of “Max” at the end was interesting to me.

The “HBO” brand holds about as much appeal to me as Rolls Royce or Hermes - something made for someone higher class than I. And probably someone much older. I know their channel for airing “The Sopranos” and boxing, and the last person I knew who truly loved boxing was born in the 1920s.

But obviously reruns of Big Bang Theory and and Chip and Joanna Gaines have a very different audience than the critically acclaimed dramas HBO was known for.

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It is interesting, HBO is “just a studio” over here. There are no “HBO channels”, their content is usually aired on free-to-air channels, such as RTL, Sat.1 or VOX. Big Bang Theory runs constantly on RTL, I think, and you can watch is as part of a Netflix subscription on demand - I didn’t even realise it was HBO. Other HBO shows have appeared on Amazon Prime, for example.

RTL2 got the rights to show Game of Thrones.

Their shows are bought by Sky/Now TV here. One issue, they synchronise episode release times with the US - which is 2 am :sleeping:


I guess I’m just a fancy dan, then, because in my mind HBO has consistently produced the best television in the US:

The Wire
True Blood
Silicon Valley
Band of Brothers
The Larry Sanders Show
Six Feet Under
The Watchmen
The Last of Us
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Game of Thrones

The best comedy of all time: Veep
The best dramatic series of all time: Succession

And you put it up against Big Bang Theory? Let’s agree to differ.


My daughter is re-watching BBT at the moment, I’ve watched about half a dozen episodes… I thought it was supposed to be a comedy… :confused:

Of the ones you listed, I’ve seen Band of Brothers and I’ve heard of Deadwood & Game of Thrones.

I thought Westworld was a Netflix series, maybe it is a German thing again, with it being on Netflix here? (No idea, I don’t have Netflix, just a guess)

To us Europeans American Comedy is an Oxymoron, now you are without Robin Williams :unamused:

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And you put it up against Big Bang Theory? Let’s agree to differ.

Yes, as an example of something which streams on “Max” but which doesn’t fit HBO’s traditional brand, which are all the other shows you listed.

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But I thought Max was HBO + Warner content. BBT is Warner.

So maybe dropping HBO branding from the name does make sense to stop this confusion?

But I thought Max was HBO + Warner content. BBT is Warner.

Correct, and soon joined by Discovery+, so you can watch Discovery, Food Network and HGTV programs.

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NightCafe is cool jn that it has Stable Diffusion, SDXL and Dalle-2 built in with a nice interface great for experimenting

I noticed the question at the top of this link and it brings up a fantastic question from a current article on Politico; “ Why has the press become such a willing accomplice in his narcissism?”

See the full article, then maybe chat about how TWIT has morphed into This Week in Musk?

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This is how the world will look if Musk goes rogue