TWIT 851: Doomtown Rats

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I wanted to say the CIA, NSA, and the equivalent services from other countries have always tried to recruit the brightest and best in different disciplines, from sharp shooters, pilots, cryptographers, scientists, engineers.

Now global businesses are taking on this role, the search for and the employment of these exceptional people has been outsourced to the highest bidder, no longer are people doing it for patriotic reasons, where slightly dodgy methods could be overlooked in the name of national security, now it can’t be overlooked, because it is just for profit, selling their services to the highest bidder.

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So on that MicroClimate mask, Adam Savage tested the previous version

Looks cool, wonder if this newer version fixed any of his issues though

US diplomat’s phones being hacked by NSO’s no click exploits:

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Great show.

One correction, the Jones Act is a horrible law that is an example of the worst sort of cronyism and protectionism but it does not directly prohibit shipping directly from Japan to Hawaii. It does mean that if a ship goes from Japan to Hawaii it could not continue on to California if in took on a single container or other piece of cargo in Hawaii unless the ship was US built, flagged and crewed.

Since the US ship building industry that the Jones Act was intended to protect (when it was passed in 1920) has largely vanished, there are very few ships that comply with the Jones Act and they are small, old and inefficient than by truck? Also, since there are no US built Liquid Natural Gas container ships it is illegal to ship LNG from one US port to another.

Anyway, I don’t think the Jones Act is directly responsible for thing going to HI via CA but it may be indirectly responsible. It is the reason that when HI ranchers sell cattle to the mainland they fly them on 747s.

Sorry this got long. One last thought, while I would love to see chip fabs in the US the Jones Act makes me think we should avoid making laws to force it to happen.

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Unfortunately, many of laws are written in the country for the sole protection of the person/entity the law was written by. I’ve said for years as was mentioned in the show if politics wore suits with sponsors on them, it would be clearer to see which people/companies are really running the show. I truly believe our founding fathers would be astounded at some of the laws that have been written. That being said, the only way to even attempt to fix this is to get out and Vote. Beginning with vetting those we are voting into office. If they don’t keep their promises in term 1, why keep renewing them?