TWIT 845: They'll Still Be Your Neighbors Tomorrow

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I agree with Alex that bad audio on conference calls is very fatiguing. Video less so, because most of the conference calls I take have a presentation, so all the video gets pushed into the corner.

Its kind of like the old school telephone conference call where you get five people around a conference table in Chicago and five in Jacksonville, and everyone ends up having to yell just to be heard.

In fact, I’d like to request we never go back to one speaker phone in the center of a conference table, ever.

I had a look at the court documents for that Oxfordshire Ring doorbell case. Alex was correct, much more to it than just a doorbell camera.

He had 3 Ring cameras and a Nest. One of them was on a neighbour’s wall covering a shared driveway that he accessed via WiFi.

He was aggressive when the defendant raised concerns the cameras were covering her property. Set up a WhatsApp group for neighbours where he posted footage. Told people the cameras were in floodlight-only mode (there is no such mode).

But it does raise awareness that you should only record your own property. Ring have since added a couple of privacy settings, you can mask off areas and also not record audio.

I’ve now gone through mine and made sure I’m not recording any video or audio I shouldn’t.

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Speaking of the Missouri Governor and his boneheaded stance on things:

Missouri auditor finds cyber hygiene lapses across local governments (

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