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Only an hour into the show on my drive into work. I see in my news feed that Clubhouse is not working in China now.

I like this quote about the control of the rooms by moderators:
“You think Clubhouse has broadened your view, but in reality it’s just entering yet another information cocoon. When it rips off the mask of hypocrisy, deluded users will be at a loss,” commented one Chinese netizen who uses Clubhouse.


Jeff missed a big part of his argument that papers have always shared stories in the USA.

They have shared, that is the important bit. They didn’t just take stories from elsewhere, they wrote their local stories and posted them to other papers across the nation and got other stories in return.

How many stories does Google write itself and distribute to other media outlets?

The problem is, if the headline and snippet provide enough information that you don’t need to click through, the originator of the content loses out on traffic.

I think this proposed law goes too far, but it is based on a sound point. I don’t know what the answer is, but for all Jeff’s hate of old-media and Murdoch in particular, they do actually have a valid point, even if their solution is an old-world money grab.

Having moved to Germany and learnt German, I have to say, it is very difficult to learn a language in isolation. You really need to use it every day for it to stick. I tried a couple of times to learn German before I moved there, but that was with books and tapes and it just didn’t stick.

Babbel sounds better, with the discussion groups.

The other thing is, living in Germany, is how few people speak English or speak it well enough to actually try and hold a conversation. Yes, in the big towns, where there are tourists or where there are British or US military bases in the area, a lot of people speak English, move outside of these areas and the level of English drops dramatically.

After over a decade together, my wife still doesn’t speak any English and only understands a little. When we visited my family in the UK I had to translate for her. The same when an Italian friend visited. His wife spoke Italian, he spoke Italian and English, I speak English and German and my wife German, we were going back and forth the whole evening… We noticed when it was late and we were getting tired, because my friend and I started talking German/Italian to each other and English to our spouses! :smiley:

(I think part of my wife’s problem is that she has taken the Mickey out of my German so much that she thinks I will just laugh at her, if she tries to speak English.)

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Ah, I loved all the language chat and I’m so glad you have Babbel as a sponsor! The discussion groups sound great.
I speak Chinese (rusty, mind you) and love China - and I 100% agree that you get a great reception if you try to speak. In fact, people would just start responding with long complex sentences and I’d have to admit, ‘uh, that was about all I know, sorry!’.
I’m living in France now and I can tell you that people here in Marseille do not speak English! Or only a basic version around the tourist areas. So I need to speak French, and people are generally appreciative and friendly.