TWIT 795: Existential Dreadlocks

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Thank you Ed, for the comment about the stock market not being the economy. That needs to be said more often.

Companies ’ stock market value yo-yos up and down, but it doesn’t actually affect their performance.

As to the forts in the Solent, they were built for the Nepolionic war, to protect the major military port of Portsmouth from the French fleet.

We had a company Christmas party out on Spitbank Fort in the 90s. It was very well done and it is a great place to visit.


I don’t think cable can be compared to Netflix on a price level like it is being compared in this show. A lot of the cable cost is maintaining the infrastructure that you pay whether you want to or not because you get cable modem service. The only way these two can be compared on a price level is if you take the price that cable TV would cost added to your cable modem plan. You will notice that the cost increase is a lot less than if you just got cable TV by itself.