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I’ve heard Leo mention the Kinsa map indicating the situation is improving on several podcasts now, and every time it comes up, I question how accurate their interpretation of the data is. I couldn’t find detailed information on the data they collect, but couldn’t it be that instead of decreased incidences of illness in the general population, the numbers simply reflect fewer number of people using the thermometers? I don’t know how popular the Kinsa thermometers are or how many households actually have them, but the abnormally low reports of high temperatures could simply be a result of schools and businesses closing.

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Totally agree with that view. Saying the average is lower but not not looking at the total concept of how many were used before and are being used now. I don’t want to know how many times it was used. I want to know how many different individuals it was used on. That number I suspect won’t ever be shared.


I would love to see a more global view on COVID-19. All the points about the lack of unemployment benefits, concerns of heath care and such are not the same reality in other countries. I really see the United States struggling much more than other countries.

Exactly. They were given to schools, kids aren’t allowed in the school and the numbers drop. Quelle Surprise!

The other thing was that isolation isn’t helping. False, it helps, but only if you start it in time. If you dither for weeks, before enforcing it, it is no surprise that the numbers still go up for the first 3 or 4 weeks. Only after those that already had it, before they isolated, will you see the numbers start to drop off.

The government is still working on several months of isolation, whilst the FDP and industry are saying that the government needs to start up the economy again.

So far the government is standing firm and telling business that they will just have to suck those lemons, health comes before business and profit.

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And then this story came out today…

…using data from Kinsa.

Dr. Peter J. Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who added that he thought the Kinsa predictions were based on “very robust technology.”

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@Leo and crew
I was a bit disappointed on how condescending you guys seemed when talking about F1 and NASCAR using the iRacing technology to hold their exhibition races to keep their fan base involved/excited about things. You guys talk about how cool eSports are and yet seemed to discount this one.

I hope you guys look into the technology that iRacing uses and also the rigs that are used by the different drivers (both pros and amateurs) that are involved in iRacing.
For those that haven’t looked into it, iRacing has gone through and made the tracks as much as a copy of of the actual race as possible. If there are bumps in a certain corner, there are bumps in the virtual track. If there is “virtual” damage to the car, the car drives differently.

The rigs that are setup for this can be really expensive (like this one: or can be super simple. Also there is good money involved in winning an actual iRacing league.

FoxSports has done a good mix of taking the various feeds from iRacing and making it an actual broadcast. I would take a look before dismissing it so much.

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The UK’s Grand National horse race already had a CGI equivalent, this year it will be the main event:

Leo made a comment that you cannot walk your dog in South Africa. Please note that South Africa is in a told Lockdown unitl 16 April 2020. Unless you are an essential service, you do not leave your place of residence.

PS. Great show.

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I actually wish F1 used the iRacing rigs. They used the F1 2019 game for the Bahrain race it was abysmal. It was supposed to be a half distance race, but was reduced to quarter distance due to the time taken to solve technical difficulties. Even then, Lando Norris was not controlling his car for much of the race as his connection dropped out. These were definitely not the sim rigs used in the factories.

But, the race series need to provide something. The likes of Sky Sports in the UK and other broadcasters pay huge money for the sports rights and need to show something on the TV screens. So I agree, this should not be dismissed; e-races keep the series in the public’s minds and competition alive. In the F1 aspect, making all cars have the same ability is a dream for many who want the races to be just about driver skill. Alas, very few F1 drivers took part - the grid was filled with celebrities instead.

Even though I wouldn’t watch it, the e-races are important.

I wonder why they didn’t use the same rigs. FS1 here in the States did Outlaw racing on Wednesday night and that was iRacing and the iRacing rigs. Things went great for that race.

Would love for @Leo or someone from his group to do an interview series with the iRacing gang on what they are doing technology wise, etc.

The NBA is trying to do the same through XBOX and NBA2k or whatever and I think it is a bigger miss than what NASCAR is doing w/ iRacing.

Once again I wish @Leo and crew would look into what iRacing is and the tech behind it. They would be amazed instead of so dismissive.

I am absolutely not a racing fan but here’s a reason why I think that e-sports is a bit of a joke:

In the case of driving, the drivers know there is nothing real at stake (sponsorships aside) so they will be free to be more daring or do stupid things they’d never do in real life in a real car.

There are defintely somet things that happen in e-sports that don’t happen in real life. Two examples: The cars are setup the same and each player gets a “reset” as part of the race. This shows up more in F1 for example as the Ferrari setup is the same as the Mercedes setup as the Haas, etc. There is no difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” in F1 in virtual racing. The reset is allowed in both the e-sports F1 and the NASCAR invitational. Too much damage and you can get a brand new car and only once.

Some of the drivers have also struggled with their connection to the iRacing and timed and some of them have in fact disconnected when they aren’t doing well.

My understanding is Bubba Wallace was paid for a specific sponsorship for iRacing outside of his normal contract. There was a wreck, he reset his car and then there was another wreck. All of this was what led to the rage quit I think.

Martinsville Speedway is a place where a lot of bad feeligns have happened historically.

Anyways I feel its cool to have things like this going when we can’t. Looking forward to “real” racing to start again.

I think he was wrong, but if this was supposed to be a replacement for real NASCAR, what was his vehicle doing, re-spawning in the pitlane? :confused: