TWIS 7: When Will We Get Humans to Mars?

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Another good episode, Rod.

I don’t think it will happen in a timely matter since their are sill questions to answer 1st.

I am spoiled I cannot just listen to a podcast, I have the video on in the background whether it is Joe Rogan or Windows weekly. When is this podcast going video?

Sometimes netcasts are always audio. 95% of the netcasts I have in my feeds are audio only. The video ones are form TWIT.

I believe Leo has said in the past that once there are enough subscribers/sponsors they would add video to the podcast.

Makes since to me Mr Aaron. What also makes since to me is since thier’s sill a lot on unanswered questions I don’t see it happening in an timely way. I fell buy the time we do it will be like 2038.

I agree. I get my news from audio when driving to and from work, but podcasts fall into the category of entertainment which for me is A/V. I am spoiled I cannot just listen to a podcast.