TWIET 573: DNS Deep Dive Part 3: Exploring Internal DNS and AD

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Sorry to hear the news. While I wasn’t a religious listener (though I did subscribe so hopefully that counted in the numbers), I always found TWIET very informative.

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Feeling quite sad about the news. TWiET surfaced information that was relevant to my work and didn’t seem to be covered elsewhere. Plus the presenters knew how to put together a very listenable show.

A bit concerned about the new focus on short, single-presenter shows, when that’s not what I love TWiT for. What I appreciate is the long-form conversational shows, because that’s always been what TWiT excels at, and what distinguishes them from other content creators. But I guess if that’s what’s needed for the studio to survive, I’ll roll with it. Better surviving in a different form than not at all. Difficult times!