TTG 1767 for Sunday 31 January 2021

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So for the guy who built his own PC…

most of us who build PCs come to this point eventually - no video no post.
I usually start by using my search engine for advice on ‘pc won’t post’…

some motherboards don’t have speakers, but they have pins to connect one, so it is wise to have a spare speaker for that. then you might hear some beeps during post. hopefully the instructions with the motherboard document these or you can find some online.

with regard to the motherboard video, some motherboards may have the connections for a monitor but it is up to the cpu model# whether it includes video capabilities. since this is your first system, you probably don’t have a spare video card sitting around but even a low capability one helps for troubleshooting.

for the CMOS, you can reset it with jumpers on the motherboard. read the instructions carefully on this. if it lets you POST then you can go into the bios/setup and redo the options.

as Leo suggested, physical issues like motherboard mounting posts in the wrong hole or loose or damaged cables are worth a careful check.

good luck and enjoy the learning experience!

for the guy wanting to correct his office installation, hopefully you have the ‘key’ otherwise it is hard to do much. if you have the key, you can get the installer disks off the web, hopefully from Microsoft directly or thru a trusted download tool. you may have some trouble activating, in which case you can do the ‘phone activation’. for some older versions you may be told it is not available but see a certain help article. this is a test of your seriousness… if you read the article you will find an alternate way to do phone activation. in any case, when they ask you how many computers you have installed it on, just answer one, otherwise you are stopped cold. then you will get a too big number to use to do the phone activation. write it down carefully.

I for one prefer to use the perpetual license versions thru technet (R.I.P.) or HUP programs, but have to put up with activation hassle should I lose a motherboard. I have found that for a disk failure a bare-metal restore to a new disk usually does not break the activation.

good luck getting set back up!