TTG 1743 for Saturday 07 November 2020

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So, Leo, I am wondering how a travel router is of much use without a VPN capability. While a travel router may allow a great password, it is still constrained to use the ‘known’ password on the landlord-provided wireless system. So any of the people who know that password convention can join your landlord-provided device and thus see any unencrypted traffic. Am I missing something?

The idea is a travel router acts as normal router, but can connect to a wifi connection. So the caller’s network will be protected. Yes, someone can connect to the public side, but not to the private side which the caller was worried about. Personally, I wouldn’t use the provided wifi. I would require some form of hard-wired access.


given the caller’s landlord provided internet had a access point with weak security where anyone in the building could access the callers network (each tenant has a AP but all use the same password) points to the need for some encryption for non-https traffic…