TNW 196: Not Sold on the Z Fold

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I do not get this worry about false face matches being an issue. Of course there will be false matches just as when you put a pic out on TV and ask people to report if seen. I really do not see how anyone would ever expect it to be perfect on looks alone. In the same way as with the TV pic the police will need to filter though the “hits” to see which is right one(s). And the effort required to do that filtering is the very thing that is going to drive it to get better. At some point it should give them a lot more eyes to locate and or ID asuspect. The larger issue in the long run will probably be them getting too dependant on it to exclude a suspect.

Also if you are thinking about the fold you might want to look at the LG V60 with dual screen case option. I love mine and it was WAY cheaper.