TNW 128: Teaching Students Through YouTube

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The biggest problem with you tube is that their content filtering is horrible. It only allows you to filter out objectionable or NSFW content. There is a lot of you tube that is just addictive click bait and a waste of time. From Pewdie Pie to Cookie Swirl-C or the Disney Collector. Adults playing with Toys, or children opening boxes. As a parent their is no easy way to de-prioritize, de-monetize, or block this content without blocking all of youtube; which would also block all of my children’s Teachers content. Now, more than ever parents have fewer tools to encourage their children with intellectual content.

My wife is a teacher posting to youtube. she was directed to do so because the schools didnt have any better option. how would you propose they do it instead? keep in mind most schools do not have a place to store these videos and distribute them because this is a bit unpresidented.

The best way to do it would be to have the school host all of the video on their own server. Unfortunately this is a technical hurdle to high for most schools. In lieu of this YouTube is the go to option, as it is free and easy. However, Google has over time made this content more and more addictive with their algorithms to greater emphasize total watch time, over quality. Currently their is no easy solution, and it is frustrating as a parent because Google should know better, and has totally dropped the ball as a global citizen. It would be easy to set up the ability for parents to approve YouTube channels, but Alphabet has no incentive to do it, so despite regulation to try and reign in their content aimed at children they have really only paid lip services to the problem.