Time to break some "AI" and have a good laugh

Earlier I was playing with this ML/AI tool that you’ve probably heard about, where you give it a prompt and it generates an image.

My prompt was: “a hacker breaking into a vault” and this was on of my results. Other things were less impressive, but it’s still amusing to play with.


The most disappointing result was probably “Captain Picard defending his vineyard from a dragon with a boomerang” which I thought would have possible hilarity, but instead just made Voldemort Picard on the Enterprise.

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Pretty cool, but produces some weird results!

Here’s one for @ant_pruitt
I prompted it with “expensive whiskey”


Lol! That AI is drunk

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Here’s one for @Leo, that bottom right one would make a pretty reasonable logo, I think

I asked for “eating jelly” and got something pretty terrifying!