The M1 Ultra is a REALLY BIG chip

Wow is that bigger than I would have expected… SOCs are not usually that huge, I wonder if there is room to spare in there for cooling, or if it’s really full of silicon.

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It is really full of silicon, which is why it has such big copper cooling blocks, which weigh a couple of pounds. You have 2 complete Max chips on there, 20 CPU cores, 64 GPU cores, the neural cores, video convertors, 128GB RAM, USB/Thunderbolt controllers & storage.

It has pretty much everything that would be on discrete chips on a normal PC - for a start, it has the equivalent of 5 of those Ryzen chips in the photo, plus graphic card, plus a neural card, plus the RAM DIMMs, plus the SSD… That is a lot of stuff to pack into one SoC.

I told you it was as big as a middle finger.


man i thought my threadripper was big, this thing is massive. although to be fair as @big_D pointed out there’s a bit more to it than just a CPU.