The Bureau - French Spy Thriller - Realistic tech?

Been watching what I think is a really good spy thriller series called The Bureau. Five seasons of very John Le Carré like story line about the French DGSE.
As we get into the later seasons, the tech used and the way it is depicted appears much more realistic than any show I have ever watched. It actually takes time for people to type in command line entries in high tension scenes. They actually make mistakes, and in some cases, even bring in someone else to help. Gaining access to a corporation’s network and the way it is employed is shown in a way that is understandable and believable. The technology employed appears to be real world, with the use explained in realistic terms. In one case, Iranian agents are trying to buy devices to be installed in enrichment plants that have been modified using Stuxnet code to fool international inspection. And the scenery and locations are great.

Thanks! Got a new item on watch list!!!