Suggestions for a simple image editing program for MacOS

I want to do some simply editing of photos/images on MacOS. Something a bit more complex than Photos but not so complex like Photoshop. For example, I wanted to take two images and paste one image on top of the other but then take the pasted image, shrink it down to size, and then crop that image into an existing photo frame on the original image.

From the bit I read about Pixelmator and Affinity Design, I have to first somehow cut a rectangle inside the photo frame of the original image, then paste the second image inside that hole. Seems a bit convoluted and non-intuitive to me.

Any suggestions?

I think I found it… PowerPoint. I want something like image editing in PowerPoint but focused on images, not a document output.

Maybe After Effects?

I also love Acorn. It’s in the Mac store. Simple but powerful.


Good call. I just tried it and works great. Thanks!