Suggestion question for next show: Removing dust dots in photos

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I heard on the Tech Guy that the next iOS Today topic will be about photo apps. I am curious if you know of any app that has a function to remove dust dots. I have many old photos from my mom which have dust dots engrained in the photos and thus cannot physically remove them. So, I use Apple’s Photo app and try to remove them one dot at a time, but this take a LOT of time.

I was wondering with photo apps becoming so “smart” (e.g. you can remove entire objects now), if any app has the intelligence to do this?



Photoshop spot heal is great for this. There might be some other apps that do this, though. Automatically might be tough, even with machine learning (actually, machine learning should be able to do it, I just don’t know if it’s been implemented in an automatic, easy to use tool).

EDIT: this might make it a bit easier to do multiple photos:

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Thanks. Lightroom has a monthly subscription, right?

Yes, there’s a $9.99 Photography subscription that also includes Photoshop.

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You can do that in Affinity Photo. It’s quite powerful and doesn’t require a subscription plan.

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Is there a specific function to use?

There is a “blemish removal” brush. I prefer Lightroom, but if you’re looking to avoid subscription fees, Affinity Photo is great.