Standalone Turntable with Speakers

My son wants to buy a standalone turntable with speakers that he can just plug and play his vinyl. He doesn’t want the added expense of buying an amplifier etc., so it seems like a turntable with speakers makes the most sense. I realize the sound quality won’t be great, but he doesn’t seem to care. I’ve seen the standalone turntables with speakers on Amazon and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on which one to buy ($200 or less). Thanks for any help and guidance.

I literally have no experience with records since I was a child playing my parent’s Charlie Pride LP “oh the snakes crawl at night… that’s what they saaaaayyyyy” :wink:

But my thinking on this is that you probably would be better served by something bluetooth and bluetooth speakers. That way, when the allure of the setup fades, one part might still be useful in a different use case. That does of course make it a step more complicated to use though.

Knowing nothing about anything vinyl, I’d be interested to try this:

Not couing the USB ones I never tuched or used an turntable since the eleay 1990s. Simmer to VHS tapes after 1999 unless it was to digtaltise or I had no choice but the rent the VHS version form Blockbuster, my VCR just sat their unused.

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