SN 948: What if a Bit Flipped?

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Steve’s statement about novice security learners feeling like they’re, “drinking from a firehose” was… well, I could identify. It does feel like a lot of information, but all of it very useful.

Also, the bit flip was fascinating and kind of unnerving, considering how an environmental or astronomical event could have a big impact on the frequency/potential of bit flips.

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Honestly I have been doing this for 30 years and I STILL feel like I’m drinking from a firehose. For example, just try to digest what’s happening with AI these days!

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They claim to have reconfigured it to be immune to the windshield heater as suggested here:

Clever folks will continue making this Whac-A-Mole

Speaking of AI, I am curious to learn more details about how you limit chat-GPT’s resource to some known library.

This is a recent new feature for paying subscribers, where you can start with a GPT that understands language inputs, and then directly train it how you like. It’s not something applicable to the GPT-4 (and soon GPT-5) product that is generally available on its own. You can think of this new thing in the same vein of making a pizza by starting with a pre-made pizza (crust, sauce, cheese) where you choose your own toppings to create an individualized pizza.

Feature for paying subscribers to what? “I’ll show it more tomorrow” ?

01:00:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I should show you I was playing with these new open AI chat GPTs. I’ll show it more tomorrow. But one of the things you can do with their GPTs is give them a corpus of information and then have the AI you can tell it. Only give me an answer that comes from this body of information I gave you. So I gave a GPT all of my Lisp books, the greatest Lisp books, the beginning books, the advanced stuff from Peter Norvig and I created a Lisp expert that can write code beautifully and I can ask questions of. I could say, oh, remind me how that for loop works and it will tell me and write sample code. You can even execute the code in the chat GPT.

He did show it, on the This Week in Google show.

OpenAI is a paid monthly subscription service. I think it’s like $30US per month. If you pay for the service, you can create your “packaged” GTP’s which are as I said before, basically a language comprehension engine and a set of rules you provide. You can keep them private, or potentially even offer them for sale in the GPT store. Of course, I’m not a paying customer so all I know is what Leo has said and what they said at their event. NEWS 399: OpenAI DevDay Keynote 2023

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