SN 819: The WiFi Frag Attacks

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So, Steve is impressed with Ransomware services only taking a commission, by saying they are doing the right thing? Reference 18:00 mark. How could anyone be impressed or suggest doing anything right when it comes to these folks involved in Ransomware? Did I misunderstand something by what Steve said?

How quickly they built up the service and how much support they were providing, and, compared to Apple, the relatively small cut they were taking, is impressive, especially compared to “honest” businesses.

Ever tried to get support out of Google, when the DDoS your servers? No email, no phone, you can’t just turn up at their offices and they ignore their social media accounts…

Being impressed with something doesn’t mean you condone what they are doing, just what they are doing left an impression on you, positive or negative.

Impressed as in remarkable or striking. Just like you could be impressed by the sheer tenacity of a virus like covid.


The silver lining of the whole ransomeware phenomenon is that it is finally making bad security expensive. Its much harder for management to brush off the security concerns raised by their IT team.

The Project Hail Mary movie has been optioned by MGM and will star Ryan Gosling. Drew Godard is doing the screenplay. Andy Weir mentioned that in hi interview on Planetary Radio, he also talked a bit about how movie options work.