SN 771: Lamphone

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A level headed look at the Brave gaff from Steve, as usual. Most blogs have been wrongly saying that they hijacked search results, which they didn’t.

What they did was wrong, but it has also been blown out of all proportion by many on the blogosphere.

(I’m not a Brave fan or a Brave user, I just like balanced reporting.)


Steve always tends to be fair in his opinions. He’s as non-biased as he can be. He looks at all the facts before formulating an opinion.


Eavesdropping using a lightbulb as a transceiver doesn’t sound surprising but it was really interesting to hear about the research.

I still remember using special fonts on CRT monitors or building shielded rooms to prevent side-channel transmission via electromagnetic radiation. But the coolest thing, I think, was the PSU load-modulation technology for transmitting data Steve mentioned not so long ago.