Smart phones just phones yet?

At what point will we stop calling phones, smart phones?

Can’t we just call them Android or iOS devices where some have cell reception or some not? Kind of how tablets and kindles have the optional radio.

Idk just seems weird that we call them smart phones still…

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I suspect because there are still craploads of phones sold that are NOT smart


It took me about ten years to start calling it my “smart” phone instead of my pocket computer.

At least we are safe our cars won’t be called smart cars.

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This would make me think you’re using some Casio device…

In Germany, they are rarely called Smartphones, most people still use the same slang (Handy) as they do for a normal, non-smart phone.

(Interestingly, as Handy is an English word, a lot of people think that that is the English slang for a cellphone.)

That word has a different connotation in North America… I would not advise looking it up on Urban Dictionary :wink:

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Yeah I would also advise against using that term :joy: