Should I wait to purchase an ATSC 3.0 tuner?

I live in one of the 62 first markets where ATSC 3.0 is set to deploy, but in the light blue text, seen here, so I’ve got some time before I get to experience NextGen TV. I noticed HDHomeRun released an ATSC 3.0 compatible tuner a while ago, and I’m wondering if I should hold off until my market actually gets ATSC 3.0, or get it now just in case they sell out when the time arrives. The $199 is steep, but I doubt it will be cheaper when ATSC 3.0 is flipped on. Plus should I worry about ATSC 3.0 changing or is it complete? Or should I be looking at another smart TV tuner? I like the HDHomeRun because it integrates with my Plex account and have found the performance better than the Tablo and AirTV 2, but if any of you have other recommendations let me know. Thank you!

Someone’s got to be an early adopter. I vote for it to be you :wink:

I got a HDHomeRun some years ago, but live in an area where I cannot get any signal with an indoor antenna, and I am not chuffed at the idea of having to attach something to the roof. One of my neighbours rigged up something that looked very homebrew, but claimed he was getting a goodly number of channels. Then we had a massive wind storm, and it went in all the wrong directions. He still hasn’t fixed it, months later, so I presume he’s done with the bother. I tried the HDHomeRun with my cable, but that was pointless, even the government mandated free channels (“community” channel) is encrypted… and we don’t have an option for decryption cards here in Canada like the Americans have.

I guess I sort of have a point, after all the indirection. I don’t honestly think there is a lot of money in ATSC broadcasting any more. I don’t expect them to rush their installations unless they are forced to by some other [government] power. I therefore think you have to assume your “investment” is risky no matter what, and as you say, it may become hard to get the gear… so I am on the side of getting it sooner than later… just in case.

I’m hoping the broadcasters adopt it because it appears to have much better reliability in getting a signal, something I have a ton of issues with my current antenna. Plus, ATSC 3.0 potentially gives the TV stations more info about what I watch, as well as the ability to put content behind a pay wall, so I would assume they would like that. I just want the better reliability so I can actually watch the local channels without needing to adjust the antenna every time.

That deepens a-lot on where you live. Here in the who that nation theirs real ATSC 3 channel’s; yet. However they did say an few test channel’s will come up letter in 2021. So with that being side i wound remand chaeking with things like your local ABC Station 1st.

Yes, SiliconDust has released the HDHomeRun CONNECT 4K HDHR5-4K that has 4 tuners (2 ATSC 3.0/1.0 and 2 ATSC 1.0) which I am considering buying myself now that there are 5 ATSC 3.0 broadcasters in my area as of last October. Since FCC is requiring ATSC 1.0 support until at least 2023 (2025 at the latest) that will make the transition easier since you will be able to receive both broadcast specs with it.

The big question is will broadcasters start using DRM over internet-based ATSC 3.0 broadcasts.