Reaching Out to Fr. Robert

Hi Padre,
You used to do a show on TWIT called Know How a few episodes of which were dedicated to a great project you called “GrowDuino”. Honestly, everything about that project impressed me to the point where I was telling a fellow Geek about it this morning.

Padre, I am hoping aginst hope that you can still find all the information about making it. He and I are looking for projects like that which can use tech to help unattached young people. Ideally, we are thinking of this as a practical way for tech to move them from nothing to something without huge capital requirements.

If you or Hippo or anyone else you know can send me similar projects they would not only be welcome but they can count on getting more than jst a good name for them.

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I am unfamiliar with the project by Padre but based on the name I suspect this video from last summer might be related and helpful. Others of his videos on his channel might also be interesting as well.

such as:

Thanks a million. What you provided is more than a start.

Would be greatful for any other projects that can be suggested.

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Those Know How episodes should still be in the archive on the site…and Padre was REALLY good about putting links into show notes.


I didn’t expect they would still be available (the videos). Also I recall notes being kept in some Google service which has been killed off.

I will do the search and see if I get lucky.

Know How is still on youtube also “great info & projects” episodes 23 thru 413 are still listed

The KnowHow shows are all still there. Go to the Podcasts page on, click on the “Filters” button and change it to “Retired” then scroll down to the KnowHow link. I paged back to episode 6 from 2012 and when I clicked on the video, the episode started playing, so they’re still accessible.