Props on Leos office desk

On Leo’s office set along with a camera I see a Gold/Red model bus. Anyone know the significance of that bus?


Not sure about that one. I kind of want @Leo or someone from the team to do a set tour. All kinds of interesting things there.


That’s a great idea. I’ll record a quick tour next time I get a chance and post it here.

The bus thing is a Yorkshire Gold delivery van sent to me by Taylor’s of Harrogate. Yorkshire Gold is my favorite black tea, and apparently we have some fans there!


Trivia: Taylors’ sister company in Harrogate is Bettys Tea Rooms, which celebrated its centenary this year. Their Tripadvisor page is worth checking for the many pictures of immaculately presented food in classic surroundings. Anybody who gets to visit North-East England should have it on their itinerary.


Great! Will look forward to that.

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Sounds great Leo… Looking forward to that.

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